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Auto Dashboard Coating Kit
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Auto Dashboard Coating Kit


Auto Dashboard Shield Coating

Cockpit Care coating

Vinyl and Door Garnish /Trimming

for Vinyl and Auto Trim Glazing coating

Anti-UV Protect

Against Fading Cracking


Moisturizing and Glazing.

Protect the dashboard against aging, fading and cracking.

Easy to clean out sticky dust, non-greasy.

Easy to use.

durability: 2 years

20ml for one car.

one bottle: 50ml

Applying Sequence:

1.First clean the dashboard surface cleanly.

2.then use coating applicator and suede cloth to apply the dashboard coating.

3.wait 1 hour, then use microfiber towel to buff off the surface to make it shiny.


Auto Dashboard Coating Kit--USD39


Auto Dashboard Coating 50ml

coating applicator: 1pcs

coating suede cloth:1pcs

super microfiber towel:1pcs

instruction paper