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Auto Coating Applicator Pad USD69 for 50pcs Free Shipping

Glass Coating Applicator

Special sponge for glass coat

Special applicator for car coating

Glass Coating Applicator Pad

Surface coating applicator

Car Body Coating Sponge

Car Coating Applicator Sponge


The Glass Coating Applicator Pad is specially designed to work together with the Glass Coat Products to allow precision application of the Coating to your vehicle.

with a super-soft foam face for even and smooth application of your Glass Coating on car surface.

The inner sewing makes this applicator safe even for the most precious paints.

Made out of high quality microfibers with a non-absorbent filling.

high density and strong wear resistance.

it is disposable,could not be re-used when applying glass coat. because (The Glass Coating will harden making your applicator a one time use only).


Color: black

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USD69 for 50pcs Free Shipping


USD132 for 100pcs Free Shipping


USD385 for 300pcs Free Shipping