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Maintenance Coat for Ceramic Coating

Maintenance Coat for Ceramic Coating

Main Ingredients:  Resin and other Nano materials etc.

Main Features:

  • provide an additional layer to the hard glass coating to create unparalleled high gloss super shine and increased water repellency.
  • Protect the glass coating layer and keep the glass coating stay on car paint surface for longer time.
  • It can reduce the rain stain (water spot) 98% on the car body,which is caused by rain or hard water.
  • Processing Temperature:6-32degree.
  • Applying Method: hand applying by using microfiber towel.
  • Product Form: Liquid
  • Consumption:25ml/one car.
  • Package:30ml/bottle
  • Shelf Time:2 years

Applying steps:

1.Applying it after 5-12hours when the glass coating finishes.

 it also can be used every 3 months after the glass coating job is finished.

2,washing the car cleanly.let the car dry fully.

3,spray a little water fog on the car surface. Not too much.

4,make microfiber towel a little WET

5, then spray this coating agent 4-5 times on this WET towel,

6, then wipe the car surface ( each time, just do half car door area)

Stretch wiping evenly and thinly in alternately lengthwise and breadthwise.

(do not wipe same area again and again)

7,no need to wait any time, just use DRY microfiber towel to wipe the car surface at once.