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Windshield Coating-RAIN

Windshield Coating--RAIN

               (Coating for Glass)

Main Ingredients: Fluorine and other Nano-tech materials etc.

20ml/bottle, one bottle is ok for two cars` glass.


Good visibility is the key when drive in bad weather.

Keep the glass clean is important.

Therefore, applying a water-repellent coating will dramatically improve the glass/mirror visibility.

You can drive easily and enjoy clear view on a rainy day.

This is Nano-Fluorine product. It can become one water-repellent layer on the glass surface, enlarge the surface Tension, increase the glass self-cleaning and water-repellent performance, prevent dust to adhere on glass. Application is simple, anyone can do it. It can be effective on glass from 4-6 months.

Applying steps:

Use the auto degreasing agent to wash the window glass,

then wipe window to be dry.

Drop this window coating liquid to the applicator sponge,

Spread the liquid in Criss-Cross motion,panel by panel.

Wait 5 minutes.

Use dry microfiber towel to wipe the glass to make it shiny.

It will show super shiny and water-repellent result after 24 hours.

Notice: no touch water within 24 hours.