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Anti Fogging Coating for Windshield
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Anti Fogging Coating for Windshield

Anti Fogging Agent

Anti-fogging coating for Windshield Glass


make windshield clear safe driving in rain day and winter season

make a safe driving vision

windshield anti mist spray

glass anti fog spray

windscreen anti fog agent

in winter season

one set include:

anti fogging agent: 50ml/bottle

nano cleaner polish: 30ml/bottle

microfiber towel:1pcs

applying suede cloth:1pcs

coating applicator sponge: 1pcs

instruction paper

(one set is enough for 5 cars)

Applying steps:

first use nano cleaner polish to clean the glass and wait the glass dry enough.

then use applicator sponge and suede cloth to apply the anti fogging agent.

wait 20 minutes, use dry microfiber towel to wipe it clean.