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Suede Microfiber Cloth for Ceramic Coat

Small Suede Cloth for Ceramic Coating

(Suede Microfiber Cloths; Coating Applying Cloth)

Application: specially for ceramic coating applying (car paint surface,windows,wheel)


1,Help apply your coatings extra thin and uniform!

 Soft, smooth, and features no edges or hems

2,This cloth is extremely soft and smooth because it's a special suede material. which keeps this towel ultra thin and flat. This allows you to apply ceramic coatings

very thin and uniform, improving your application results!

3,Special suede cloth designed only for glass coating,it can save the glass coat liquid when application.

4,it can make the glass coating layer more evenly on the paint surface.

5,it should be used together with glass coating applicator sponge.

6,it is disposable, could not be re-used.

Size: 10cm*10cm

Color: send randomly

Minimum Order Quantity:200pcs/bag

Price:USD150 for 200pcs--Free Shipping