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58Xcar Ceramic Coat Luxury Set USD268
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58Xcar Ceramic Coat Luxury Set USD268

58Xcar Luxury Set

USD268 Free Shipping


10H permanent ceramic coat:20ml*1bottle

X9 auto ceramic coating (9H):20ml*1 bottle

Maintenance Coat: 30ml*1bottle

Nano Cleaner-Polish:30ml*1bottle

Auto Windshield coating Rain: 20ml* 1 bottle

Auto Wheel Coating W8: 10ml* 1 bottle

Auto leather coating:50ml*1bottle

Auto anti-fogging coat:50ml*1bottle

applicator sponge: 5pcs

coating microfiber towel:4pcs

small suede cloth: 8pcs

instruction book

this sample kit is enough for one whole car.

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One Classic Set: USD268 Free Shipping